With Lauryn Summerly

THE “Power Up Your Biz”




The “Free Your Mind”


The ‘Power Up Your Biz’ Service:


You’re in love with your business. I got you.

But you don’t have the finances right now to employ a data specialist full-time. I get that too.

You can still get access to the strategy, the steps, and the implementation planning – when you get me for 2 hours.

Perfect for you if:

Something isn’t quite working in your business, but you don’t quite know what it is, or where to start.

What you get:

A form to fill out (so we can hit the ground running)

A 30-minute strategy call (so I know exactly what your vision for your business is)

(Now I go and research, research, research)

5 days later – a detailed audit of what’s working, and what isn’t working in your business


A 60-minute zoom call to discuss the audit, and for you to ask questions

15 days of email support after the audit and zoom call

A 30-minute zoom call after 45 days to check-in and see how everything is running

Your investment: $750

The ‘Get It Done’ Service

Get it done

One-Time Projects (aka the relief/success/joy/fulfilment service)

You want to elevate your business – go you!

But you’re not yet at the point where you can hire someone on an ongoing basis – it’s all good.

How about getting my brain on a one-time project so that you can just get more – 

> More time

> More money

> More weight off your shoulders

Perfect for you if:

You want to launch something without the headache – and without having to learn all the minutiae



  • Business Strategy
  • Funnel Strategy/Management + Creation
    Project plans
  • Hiring contractors
  • Tech Stack Strategy + Implementation
  • Project Plan Implementation from start to finish
  • Launch Strategy + Project Plan
  • Create an evergreen webinar funnel
  • Project Manage a Virtual Summit

You’ll be able to:

  • Plan your work ahead
  • Set clear priorities
  • Focus on one task at a time and tasks that you NEED to be doing
  • Minimize interruptions
  • Create projects on time and within budget

Your investment: Project dependent

The ‘Free Your Mind’ Service:

The longer-term business management retainer.

If your business is expanding almost too quickly, that could be a problem (what a wonderful problem to have, right?)

Perfect for you if:

> You’re making at least $10,000 per month

> Day-to-day management is bogging you down

> A break from your business is screaming at you at least once a day

And… You’re missing things…

…like time with your family

…dinner with friends

…walks with your dog

Because there’ll be no more:

Managing your team like it’s a full-time job

Running your tech manually (because nobody has time for that)

Wondering why your products and offers aren’t converting

Competition from all the things in your business for your undivided attention

This is a bespoke list of services that will be put together based on where you are at.

Take a look at some options here (and get ready to get excited!):

Project Management
  • Be the main point of contact for clients of an agency
  • Conduct a risk analysis for an upcoming project
  • Create a cost estimation for a potential project
  • Create and maintain project timelines
  • Develop and project plan the launch of lead magnets
  • Host a kick-off call for a project and get everyone on board
  • Keep track of change requests and ensure the documentation/approval is clear
  • Keep track of the quality of work & fulfilling requirements
  • Keep track of timeline and project status
  • Liaise and host check-in calls with clients
  • Manage a live launch of a new online course
  • Manage and coordinate joint venture partnerships
  • Manage and keep track of a content calendar
  • Manage and project plan the launch of an evergreen funnel
  • Manage the content production and output process
  • Manage the project budget
  • Monitor the status of projects and ensure projects stay on timeline
  • Plan a content calendar
  • Plan the development and launch of a website
  • Plan and launch a sales funnel
  • Project plan and launch a blog
  • Project plan and launch a book or ebook
  • Project plan and launch a membership platform
  • Project plan and launch a new online course
  • Project plan and launch a podcast
  • Project plan and launch an online community
  • Project plan and manage an online summit
  • Project plan and manage the launch of a coaching service offering
  • Project plan and manage the launch of a mastermind
  • Set milestones and deadlines for projects
  • Set up an email management/newsletter software
  • Set up an onboarding workflow and automation for new clients
  • Set up and manage a project management tool
  • Set up zaps to automate business processes
Team Management
  • Conduct 1:1 quarterly performance reviews with team
  • Create a communication plan for the internal team
  • Create a team brief for incoming new hires to review company policies & culture
  • Delegate strategy and project plans to remote teams
  • Develop a training system for new team members
  • Develop an offboarding system
  • Develop an onboarding system for new team members
  • Develop a system for payroll & internal team invoicing
  • Handle approvals and feedback needed on projects for team members
  • Host 1:1 weekly calls with each key team member to check-in
  • Hosting weekly team catch-ups, status updates and check-ins
  • Interview potential new team members and shortlist for the client
  • Manage the day-to-day of a remote team
  • Plan and execute a team retreat
  • Run and manage an internship program
  • Run and review paid trial tasks with potential new hires
  • Set up a job description & hiring form for recruitment
Systems Management
  • Auditing and optimizing existing business processes
  • Auditing and optimizing existing business tools
  • Create a client onboarding system
  • Create SOPs for a business
  • Implement a Curriculum Tracking System
  • Implement a system for managing an inbox and incoming emails
  • Implement a testimonial tracking system
  • Report on business metrics and KPIs monthly
  • Reviewing existing tools and optimizing
  • Run a time tracking audit of the team and client
  • Set up a Dashboard in Google Data Studio
  • Set up a digital file storage system
  • Set up and maintain a CRM
  • Manage Google Analytics tracking on website
  • Set up hiring systems
  • Set up a process for creating SOPs
  • Set up automations where possible
  • Setting up an SOP Bank / Playbook for a client
  • Setting up automation tools
  • Track and deliver weekly/monthly reports
  • Collaborate on overall business strategy in relation to business goals
  • Create an email list-building strategy
  • Create and execute an overall digital marketing strategy
  • Develop a quarterly promotional calendar with your client
  • Research and develop ideas for potential new products
  • Strategize the development of a sales funnel
  • Strategize the development of an evergreen webinar

Your investment: Starting at $2,800

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